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A feature about the parks in Larkano was printed in The Daily Ibrat Hyderabad on 5th May, 1998.  A sumary of that is given below:

Before independence, Assistant Commissioner of Larkano Sgt. Clair Ford took personal interest in the beautification of the city.  Because of his efforts, at the end of the 19th  century, Larkano was called the 'City of Gardens'.  At the bank of old Ghar Canal, there was 'Gayan Bagh'.  In 1980 Gayan Bgh was renamed 'Bagh-e-Zulfiqar'.  The near by residents and other influential people of the are, with the co-operation of corrupt Municipal Administration, made illegal constructions on park area.  A large portion of this park was obtained by a well known personality of the area for residential purpose.  The beauty of the park is badly affected.

Another historic park existed along the Bandar Road.  In 1918 during Western World War, the Municipal Administrator A.G. Blaus (spelling not confirmed, as translated from Sindhi), who was also the Deputy Commissioner, built a clock tower in the center of the park.  Then the park was known as 'Blaus Garden'.  In 1963, fire erupted in Shahi Bazar; hundreds of shops were burnt.  At that time J.F. Kennedy Market was built over Blaus Garden by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.  Affected shopkeepers were shifted to the new market.  The walls of clock tower with the foundation stone still exist there; the place is a den of heroin addicts now.  'Nawan Tak Bagh' also has historic importance in Larkano.  LMC and Health Club takes care of this park but encroachments are reported here also.  There was 'Rani Bagh' (Zoo) near Jalus Bazar (possibly Jewels Bazar), but now there is Sabzi Mandi.  There was another park 'Riyali Bagh' near Civil Hospital Residential Colony.  Another park was in Qafila Sirai which had great historic importance but LMC sold it, there is no trace of it now.  'Jinnah Bagh' is also very important park of Larkano.

The Daily Ibrat, 5th May, 1998



The cinemas have the facility to serve as theaters.  Pakistan National Center also has the facility.  Sometimes parks are also used as open air theaters.


Active Recreation

Important Play Grounds

Officer's club

This club has the facilities of a Squash Court, Badminton Court, and Gymkhana.

Sports Complex in Sachal Sarmast Colony

It could not be known what facilities are available in this Complex.